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Ideas to get the kids moving during quarantine

Create moments with activities that involve music, circuits, objects and get some movement with your kids during quarantine

By Drica Rosa

The fact of not being able to leave the house gets kids even more restless. To avoid too much time watching TV or using tablets or cell phones, the idea is to create moments of family fun, so they get distracted and move around. Below you’ll find some nice tips to make quarantine days with kids easier:

  1. Yoga for kids: gather the gang for a relaxing session. Channel “Smile and Learn” has some really cool videos. Channel Yoga para Crianças also has good options.
  2. Mime games: everything goes, miming names of movies, characters, animals and so on so others try to guess it.
  3. Physical activities: why not? Have the little ones do jumping jacks, run without leaving the place and stretching exercises.
  4. Home circuit: the idea here is to use what you have at home to create a circuit in which it is necessary to skip and duck. Use trash cans, buckets and cushions.
  5. Simon Says: who doesn’t remember this classic childhood game in which “Simon” is in charge and the others must do what he says? If you miss, you’re out!

Spare some time off and get these activities into your routine. Fun is guaranteed and they will move for a while!

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