Our commitment to a Sustainable City

We acknowledge the impact our enterprises have on the locations we are and on the people involved in our activities. That’s why we have committed to adopt entrepreneurial sustainability as a tenet for all of our decisions and activities.

Our actions

Programa Elo gathers all the sustainability initiatives of Cidade Center Norte. Through it, we connect enterprises, customers, store owners and partners in an active chain to adopt more sustainable actions in the everyday life of the enterprises.

Our Pillars


Commitment to water, energy and material efficiency, as well as the project Resíduo Zero.


Consciousness about governance and business issues.


Concern about the engagement of the employees, the well-being and the mobilization of stakeholders and community.

Our priority

Being an organized, safe and sustainable city: this is a priority for all Center Norte enterprises.

Our sustainability sector works for that. So we can be a reference of quality of life and innovation, by providing access to quality consumption, health, education, culture, recreation and entertainment. Through enterprises that respect people and the environment of the North area of the city.

Instituto Center Norte

Instituto Center Norte  is based on the pillar People of Programa Elo. All our actions are focused to improve the quality of life and income of the inhabitants of the North area of the city.

Our goal is to contribute more and more for the personal and professional development of the population, also deploying innovations in social actions that aim to make the region a more sustainable area.

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