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Posted in 6 de April de 2021
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Tips for stretching at home

In quarantine times, it is important to get some exercise. Stretching is an excellent option!

It should be a daily activity for everyone. This exercise preserves and perfects the degree of flexibility of the muscles.

Stretching has many benefits, according to personal trainer Fábio Murta:

  • It provides physical and mental well-being;
  • It enhances body awareness;
  • It decreases the occurrence of cramps;
  • It strengthens and protects the spine;
  • It enhances posture;
  • It decreases muscle tension;
  • It decreases the chances of muscle injuries;
  • It decreases muscle irritability;
  • It stimulates the brain to release serotonin, the hormone of well-being;

He points out something important: “Having candies after exercising is not advisable because sugar, besides being addictive, can lead to tissue inflammation”, says Murta.

Use technology in your favor: To stretch at home, just search for “stretching” on YouTube or on the app store of your device and start your practice!

Now you just need to push back your armchair, your couch, and get started.

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