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Center Norte tip: Summer menu for the sunniest season of the year

Check out some tips from Center Norte for healthy and refreshing meals for the Summer heat.

With the high temperatures the season brings, it is time to restructure the menus so you have tastier and fresh meals. Our body changes as the days become hotter: arteries dilation increases, we lose more liquids and digestion tends to get slower. And we also seem to get tired faster. To avoid problems and keep healthy, adopting different eating habits can make a lot of difference.

Our metabolism can adapt to the environment we are in and, since our body doesn’t use up the same amount of calories as in winter – when we need more energy to keep us warm – we feel naturally more attracted to lighter and less caloric foods.

Nutritionists and specialists recommend drinking lots of liquids, having lighter meals, eating less beef and more fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean having dull meals and no dessert at all. We have selected some delightful and refreshing options you can find at Center Norte. Check them out below!

Passion Fruit Gelatos at Bacio di Latte
Super Light Salad at Boali
Salmon Poke at Restaurante América
Pink Drink and Dragon Drink, Strawberry and Pitaya Refreshers™️, with all the flavor of coconut milk at Starbucks.

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