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Posted in 6 de April de 2021
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Mother’s Day – Shop Online at Center Norte’s Stores

We know this Mother’s Day is going to be the most different from all the ones we used to celebrate in the past.

But virtually or person, you can still give your loved ones a gift with a little help from Center Norte!

Check out how to buy from our stores:

Drive Thru: through digital media, like WhatsApp, you can buy from the store and come to mall to pick up your goods without getting out of the car so as to keep everyone’s comfort and safety. CLICK HERE and check out the details of Drive Thru Center Norte;

Pickup: in this format, you can also contact the store remotely through our digital media and pick up your items in smart self-service lockers with a personalized password. CLICK HERE for details of the process and how to participate.

And to help you pick the right gift for your mom, here is a list of deals at the mall stores. ACCESS right now and enjoy your shopping!

If you’re looking for a specific store with online service, you can also CLICK HERE.

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