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A different way of eating candy!

From marshmallows to donuts, there are plenty of options for sugar lovers at Center Norte.

Everyone loves candy, right? Well, some don’t but apparently not many. And that’s good! Because that way, sugar lovers will always have something new to try. When we think of candy, chocolate always comes to mind, but not everyone is crazy about it. That is why today we have some different tips for you.

Since the date is approaching near, who doesn’t like to spend Halloween having themed candies while watching a horror movie? Or even, according to the American tradition, sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows? Well, you don’t need to have a fire in the backyard so you can roast marshmallows and hide under the blankets while watching a film.

Fini, known for its candies in all sorts of formats, now has Marshmallow Camping, ideal to get roasted, which helps set a reunion mood, either watching a movie or gathering friends and telling good stories, even if it’s virtually.

At the Fini store you can find a huge variety of the famous candies or remodeled versions of the classic ones, like the Fini Tubes box, with 5 oz of the most famous sweet strips in the world.

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Some candies remind us of several periods of our lives, especially our childhood and of, course, cotton candy can’t be out of that list. Who has never bugged their parents while passing by a cotton candy kiosk? To make the memory live on, Magic Candies has taken up all this affective memory to launch its cotton candy brand, but a little bigger than we remember.

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The brand has several flavors and ingredients that can be mixed to make a unique flavor and shape to the giant cotton candy. The technique used comes from Japan and Chile, and this resulted on a new version of the candy that is all childhood.

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Since we are on the customization topic, Kit Kat has a really different approach at its shop. Kit Kat Chocolatery is the shop of one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world, and chocolate lovers can find it on other shapes and flavors or even make their own candy, with other ingredients. They also have limited and special editions for gifts.


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We have several options for people who don’t like chocolate that much, but there are many options with the loved ingredient for the chocoholic. You can find chocolate in several shapes and combinations for every taste.

Divino Donuts is a donut chain that invests in a great variety in their menu, from the classic versions, like the pink donuts that remind us of movies and cartoons, to options with chocolate or sprinkled with sugar.

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With so many options, it’s hard to pick just one. All brands above are at Center Norte!


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