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Holiday season outfits: it’s time to pick yours!

From the little black dress to the most colorful ones, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to party looks.

The end of year parties are getting closer by the day. And it’s again time to get all dressed up to spend the night in the living room, especially this year. But as traditions are meant to be kept, it’s about time to plan the holiday looks that can also be used along the year and even for the next party. Even if it’s only something at home, everyone gets excited to dress up, so today we have some ideas for killer looks, even for the living room.

As you can never go wrong with black, and the atmosphere of the date suits that, getting a longer black cotton dress is a great choice, after all you can wear in many other occasions, since the holidays only kick start summer and very hot days are yet to come.

100% Cotton Dress Canal Concept 299.00 BRL

And if you love colors, picking a single color is also a great idea, besides representing a wish for the year to come, using the symbolism of the colors in many ways, in winter cold days, and brings more joy to the Supper, even if there’s just a few people.

Red Short-Sleeved Off Shoulder Blouse – Hering 139.99 BRL

If Christmas red is not your thing, you can wear the typical color of the holidays in patterns that mix up colors, such as the kilt. It’s a timeless and stylish piece that can be used many other times after the holiday season.

Slim French Pistols Shirt – Ellus 359.00 BRL

If you want to stay away from Xmas red, a safe bet is wearing something yellow. The color, according to popular belief, attracts wealth and abundance. But if you’re not Team Superstition, Pantone defined yellow is the color of 2021, so it is still worth investing in it, right?

Basic yellow male T-shirt – Hering 39.99 BRL

Let’s not forget New Year’s favorite color ever: white. And it’s not only for the New Year’s. White is the most versatile color of the palette, and you will definitely wear it along the new year. If you prefer, you can pick shades of white, such as off white and sand, colors that define Brazilian summer.

Turtleneck Dress Rib Light Sand – Canal Concept 299.00 BRL

All brands mentioned in the text are at Center Norte. Pick you holiday look right away!

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