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Time to get back to the gym! Center Norte tips to resume physical activities

It’s time to buy new accessories and get back to moving your body.

After enjoying holiday season and a well-deserved rest, it is time to get back to our (almost) normal lives and daily routine. One the things we tend to push aside during holiday season is physical activities and that is quite normal, since we are usually pretty tired by the end of the year.

It is now time to get back on track and it is important to be mindful of a few measures. As the body was idle for at least two weeks, take it easy for a while! Prefer walks or light exercises at home and respect your limits instead of jumping straight into a several miles run or heavy work out.

Also, keep in mind that many stores are on sale at the beginning of the year and take the chance to buy items you need for your work out or to replace the ones that are already worn out. Up to 01/17, Liquida CN is on and you can find deals of up to 50%. Click below to view the products to get back to gym at full speed.

If you’re going back to jogging or running, there’s nothing better than light fabrics that allow your body to breathe and, of course, are also very stylish.

Male Shorts Energy – Track&Field – 239.00 BRL

And no matter if you’re going outdoors or to the gym, don’t forget your mask! It is fundamental for your and other people’s protection. Some models are designed to be worn while running or working out, providing comfort and easy breathing.

Sports Protective Mask Fiber Knit E-96 – Bayard – 74.99 BRL

For the outdoorsy ones, protecting from the sun is a primary concern. Besides sunscreen, wearing hats can provide even more protection from sunlight.

Translucent hat Track&Field – 109.90 BRL

For those who want a low impact activity, but just as beneficial for our body, Yoga has become more and more popular. Even for regulars, it is important to use a proper mat to facilitate the movements and provide comfort.

Yoga Mat Yogini (sold at Bayard) – 359.00 BRL

Last but not least, one can never have too many Yoga pants, a favorite among sport addicts.

Female Yoga Pants Lead Texture Track&Field – 219.90 BRL

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