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Household appliances to make your everyday life easier

Check out a selection of household appliances that make your everyday life easier.

After quarantine days, life at home will never be the same. Even if we go back to “normal”, we certainly have changed the way we see our house and the possibilities of living, especially with the adaptations and things we have bought over the last months to make routine easier, but obviously there’s always room for improvement.

With social distancing, many of us took the home cleaning into our own hands and, with our busy lives, appliances that make our daily chores easier are at the top of the searches. A research carried out by GfK, a consulting firm, has revealed that the online sales of vacuum cleaners have increased threefold from March 30th to April 5th, in comparison with the previous years.

Speaking of vacuum cleaners, at Fast Shop you can find the most recent models for every need, like WAP’s 2 in 1. It is flexible and can be used as a portable vacuum cleaner or a regular one to reach the most difficult corners and also suits the ones who think of cleaning up as a lot of work.

2 in 1 WAP Flexible MOB vacuum cleaner with a 16-oz capacity and Collector Filter_Fast Shop_279.00 BRL

Wine sales have also skyrocketed during quarantine. On the first months, between April and June, sales increased up to 86.4%. Annual results have shown a 66.4% increase in comparison to 2019. Many of the people who were not that much into wine have taken the habit and some are even buying wine coolers to store their bottles properly.

Nowadays, there are several models to help with that. Electrolux, for example, has some models that can easily go with any decor style, with a capacity of up to 12 bottles. Just don’t drink them all at once.

12-Bottle aluminum wine cooler_Electrolux_Polishop_909.00 BRL

And speaking of food and beverage, if you haven’t baked bread during quarantine, you’ve got it wrong, am I right? Everybody has tried making something, from baking, to roasting, to pizza dough at home, to burgers and vegan recipes, we all have a quarantine story in the kitchen. To make those cooking adventures safer, Polishop has turned the well-known Air Fryer and into Ovenfryer, an oven with the same system of the famous pan, but with more room, healthier and more user-friendly than a regular oven.

Oven AirFryer Ovenfryer 4.5 Gal_Polishop_2,051.89 BRL

For techies, household appliances, including the portable ones, are getting smarter every day. Hamilton Beach has a digital toaster that displays the toasting level of the bread, the temperature and also gets turned off automatically, to help the ones who get easily distracted by gadgets. You can find it at Fast Shop.

Digital Toaster Hamilton Beach_Fast Shop_97.07 BRL

Knowing your bread temperature is nothing compared to turning the TV, the air conditioning, setting an alarm or a program just with the sound of your voice. Positivo has a universal Smart Remote Controller which connects to all home devices: all you need is to have them all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, just pick the wine and tell Netflix to play a good comedy.

Universal Smart Remote Controller Positivo Wi-Fi, 5V, Micro USB – Black_Casas Bahia_129.90 BRL

For an even more connected life, Xiaomi has developed several tech gadgets – one of them is the smart wireless light switch, which can also be connected to other devices, like smart power outlets and air humidifiers, no installation needed. Just pair it with a house controlling hub. After that, just dim the light, turn on the TV and try on some new recipe.

Smart Wireless Switch Xiaomi Mi ZigBee – White_149.90 BRL

You can find all these products to make your days easier at Center Norte!

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