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Tips for a special Valentine’s Day decoration

In times of social distancing, Valentine’s Day dinner will be at home. But that’s no reason to make it less special. We have some tips for a romantic dinner decoration.

By Drica Rosa

As Roberto Carlos once said: “Detalhes tão pequenos de nós dois, são coisas muito grandes para esquecer e a toda hora vão estar presentes, você vai ver…” (in a free translation, “those small details of us both are much to big to be forgotten, they will always be there, you’ll see…”). That’s exactly what we want: you to have an even more special night with a few details. Check how simple it is:

– Candles: place them on the table and spread them around the dining room. That will create a cozy and romantic environment.

– Air freshener: how about spraying it a little scent around the house?

– Picture frame with a special photo on the table: Surprise your valentine with a photo of the two of you on the table!

– Flowers: they always add a special touch.

– Background music: we have a special playlist put together for the date “PARA OUVIR JUNTINHO” click here.

– Special drinks: wine, a more elaborate drink or even alcohol-free cocktails.

– Make a card and give it when you toast

– Cut some paper in heart shapes and use them to decorate the table

Now just prepare everything and have an unforgettable night!

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