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World Environment Day at Center Norte

In celebration of World Environment Day, Center Norte encourages visitors and customers to plant their wishes for a better world

June 5th is World Environment Day. The date, established in 1972 by the United Nations Organization (UNO), has as its main objective to call the attention of the entire population and stimulate a greater worldwide awareness about the environment and the importance of preserving resources.

And to celebrate this very special date, Shopping Center Norte invites you to participate in a free action this Saturday, June 5, from 2pm to 8pm.

In the Event Square we will have the Environment Space where you can write your wishes for a better world on seed paper tags (a recycled, ecological and handmade paper that receives seeds in its composition and can be planted). All the tags will hang from a scenographic tree and, at the end, will be given to the Center Norte Institute to be planted.

All customers who participate will receive a special gift made from recyclable materials, as well as information about the sustainability initiatives and practices of Shopping Center Norte and other developments of Cidade Center Norte.

Under the leadership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), more than 150 countries participate each year in World Environment Day, the UN’s largest annual event, which in 2021 has as its theme the restoration of ecosystems and the urgency for everyone to make peace with nature.

Among the sustainable practices that the Elo Program brings together are:

  • Zero Waste Project – created in 2016 for better management of waste generated in the developments, reducing the disposal of waste in landfills and giving the correct destination for both rejects and recyclables, which are properly separated, handled and stored at the Waste Management Center (CGR);
  • Partnership with Molécoola – installation of a container store, in the Center Norte parking lot, which operates the logistics of post-consumption packaging (the products are weighed and pressed to be sent to large recyclers, where they are transformed into raw material, returning to the production chain and then to the shelves) through a loyalty program as a way to promote environmental education and encourage recycling; installation of water flow reducers in taps; adoption of biodegradable cleaning products;
  • Partnerships with companies and social organizations for the collection and correct disposal of items such as cigarette butts, cooking oil, magnetic cards, light bulbs, batteries.

Source consulted: United Nations website

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