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Enjoy summer! Comfortable shoes at Center Norte

Lighter options make your days more pleasant and comfortable.

Summer is here and this means hot days ahead! The season calls for comfort and light clothes and shoes are the best option to keep the heat down.

Since we are in a tropical country, light clothes and open shoes are safe bets and a good investment. Besides, wearing lighter and more comfortable shoes during Summer is crucial to prevent your feet from swelling and other discomforts.

Havaianas Flip-Flops Slim Paisage – 47.99 BRL

Not only for the sake of convenience, but also for style and comfort, lighter options are always a great way to complement our outfits.

There’s nothing like a good old flip-flop to face summer, even more if it’s colorful and stylish. Havaianas is famous for the different models and their summer collection lives up to the fame. The brand’s Summer special line is filled with patterns, stripes and depicts paradisiac beaches.

Havaianas Flip-Flop Top Nautical – 42.99 BRL

But if you want something for your everyday work or entertainment, mullets are a great investment: not only they are stylish but also go with many different looks. In summer, brighter and neutral shades are jacks of all trades.

Brown Mullet Tricolore Alternative Corello – 169.90 BRL

Neutral shades aside, other patterns get lighter versions, like denim, that now comes in versions with glitter, lace or embroideries.

Embroidered Mule – Denim Corello – 99.90 BRL

Some shoe models, like Birken, are timeless, light and often come with a touch to make it even more sophisticated and stylist. Summer is the perfect season for this model that is always on trend, both for men and women.

Graphite Buckle Sandal Mr.Cat – 199.90 BRL

Speaking of trends, vivid bright colors are now present in a reimagined classic model: moccasins are now available in the mullet version. Ana Capri’s new moccasin line is named Lana and there several models for your choice.

Suede Pink Mullet Lana Ana Capri – 129.90 BRL

All shoe models shown here can be found at Center Norte and are subject to the stores stock availability. Enjoy and have a good Summer!

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