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Still have to buy Xmas gifts? Click for options you can find at Center Norte.

You can find gifts for everyone at Center Norte, from the simplest to the most stunning ones.

Christmas is only a few days away and if you’ve left Xmas shopping to the last minute, either because you didn’t have time or because you didn’t know what to buy, no problem! We have selected a few options, at different styles and prices, to help you decide on one of the last details for Christmas.

Some people love TV and pop culture in general, so it’s a little easier in this case, once fans will be happy with anything that reminds them of their favorite show or movie. At Imaginarium, you can find items related to several movies and TV shows that have been immortalized by fans, like Friends and many others. A gift that reminds of a TV show is a guaranteed hit!

French Press Cup Friends Coffee – Imaginarium 79.90 BRL

But if the person is not that much of a TV fan, there are also many different cool gift ideas for people who have other passions, like coffee.

Italian Coffeemaker S Lugar Certo – Imaginarium 89.90 BRL

We are always unsure of what to give kids. Clothes or a toy? Something useful or fun? Well, how about both? Zastras is specialized in educational toys, so the whole thing can lead to knowledge and a lot of fun. The toys sold at the store also include the classic ones that were part of many people’s childhood and are worth being shown to the little ones.

Interactive book with puzzle 89.90 BRL at Zastras Presentes Educativos

Just in case you’re not up to date with Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit was a huge hit by the end of the year and put chess back on the spot. Chess games and rules were at the top Google searches, so why not go with the flow to introduce it to the little ones? Besides being fun, chess improves several logical parts of the brain and helps development.

Chess Board Deluxe – Zastras 159.90 BRL

For travelers, this was not the best year, but 2021 is around the corner and you can start planning trips all over again. That’s why good and useful gifts for them can be backpacks, cases or toiletry bags, which help packing up and make trips more practical.

Black toiletry bag with bottles Classic Line Stradda – Le Postiche 119.99 BRL

To hit the nail on the head with people who love beer, or even for yourself, how about the dream of every brewer? At Fast Shop you can find several kinds of home brewing equipment so you can have a cool bar at home and never run out of beer again.

Vertical Beer Fridge Consul 18 Gallons Frost- Free Titanium – Fast Shop 1,979.68 cash

The gifts can also be purchased via telephone/WhatsApp and picked up at our drive-thru or smart lockers in order to make shopping safe for everyone.

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