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Home office trend – how to take off your pajamas and still keep the comfort

Options of casual wear are a good choice to keep routine and productivity.

According to a research published on Social Psychological and Personal Science magazine, dressing properly when we work can actually affect our performance. To get to this conclusion, the journal has made an experiment with two groups of people: the first one wore suits and the second one wore casual clothes. At the end of the study, the ones who were wore adequate clothing had a better performance.

It seems like a simple detail, but keeping the routine of getting dressed to work, even at home, can be beneficial both to help our brain keep a routine and to help us keep our focus. Besides, of course, not being caught by surprise in a last-minute meeting wearing pajamas or that rag of a T-shirt from an old event.

It’s irresistible to stay in bed in your pajamas with your laptop on your lap, but besides doing no good for your spine, it’s much easier to get distracted and not being able to finish your daily activities in due time. It’s OK to be in your pajamas for a day, but it should not become a habit. Just as important as setting up an office at home, taking off your pajamas is one of the first steps for a good home office.

Specialists in fashion and style also recommend dressing up to work at home and highlight the opportunity to abuse comfy fashion, leaving aside high heels or tailored pants that can get wrinkled too easily and give us a hard time when we want to wear them. This is the moment to dive into casual clothes, but of course, never go out of style or the formality required for every kind of company or position.

And as the home office trend might stay strong even after the pandemic, for at least some days of the week, we made a selection from Center Norte stores to help you pick and create several casual and comfortable looks for the next days of work. Check them out below.  

How about these options below for working from home?

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