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10 tips to manage anxiety

In pandemic times, it is important to take care or our mental and emotional health!

It is a fact that we are going through rough times. In times like these, it is pretty normal for everyone to have increased levels of anxiety and stress, especially for those who already have an anxiety or panic diagnosis.

Certainly very few people have never experienced an anxiety crisis.

That’s why neuropsychiatrist Dr. Gesika Amorim, specialized in mental health and neurodevelopment, shares some tips to help manage anxiety, especially these days.

She starts by saying self-awareness is the first step to control any crisis we might have.

“When you know who you are, what your weaknesses are, then you can work on your beliefs, so that they don’t become sources of anxiety” – says Dr. Gesika Amorim.

Anxious people tend to catastrophize situations, for example: they can make an elephant out of an ant, but from the moment they get to know themselves and their beliefs, they start to demystify this.

That’s why tip number 1 is Self-Awareness Therapy.

  • Perform breathing exercises when any clinic manifestation of anxiety or panic episode takes place – Take a deep breath, count to 5, slowly release air while counting to 5 again, then take another deep breath, hold your breath, count to 5, slowly release air and so on. If you do that, you’ll notice everything around you gets clear. You’ll get naturally calm.
  • Exercise, because it releases endorphins and decreases stress and anxiety very much, as well as having a hobby, something that distracts you.
  • Practice some kind of de-stressing therapy, such as yoga.
  • Keep a strict routine, because lack of organization causes much anxiety. Try to plan your day the day before. Unexpected events might generate anxiety. Having your day planned generates mental organization and decreases anxiety.
  • Go to bed at an adequate time. Do not spend too much time watching TV or checking your cell phone before turning in. Take a warm shower, lay down and if you want, listen to the sounds of nature, relaxing sounds, until you fall asleep.
  • Meditate. If you like, do some Reiki, music therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture. All of those are excellent techniques to control anxiety.
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee, Coca-Cola or any product with a lot of caffeine as they are extremely stimulating. It is also not advisable to have alcohol before sleeping, because the reaction is different to every individual.
  • Avoid greasy and heavy meals in the evening. Particularly avoid excessive gluten, sugar and animal milk, because they can generate toxic substances in hypersensitive individuals, making the anxiety condition and quality of sleep even worse.
  • Avoid watching the news or reading newspaper headlines. We’re going through sensationalist times, and that affects individual’s capacity of clearly and objectively analyzing information, generating anxiety and, for the already anxious people, worsening their episodes.
  • Finally, if you feel you can’t do it alone and need help, do not hesitate to look for a specialist. You don’t have to live with anxiety. It’s the other way around, there’s medical and professional help. Therefore, don’t be afraid or resist to seek for help!

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