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Outubro Rosa – Center Norte supports this cause

October is the month dedicated to prevention of breast cancer and involves projects all over the country.

October is internationally known as the month of breast cancer awareness, with programs, activities, initiatives and contents that encourage women to search information and keep a routine of exams that are simple, but can make a huge difference and even save lives.

In Brazil alone, the number of deaths caused by breast cancer adds up to 16 thousand a year as this is the most common type of cancer among women after skin cancer. No wonder why it is so important, right? But do you know where Outubro Rosa comes from?

The first Run for Cure took place in 1990, in New York, and aimed to make people aware of breast cancer prevention. However, the movement started to gain shape for real in 1997. The cities of Yuba and Lodi, in the USA, started some activities focused on diagnosing and reducing the risks of the appearance of the disease and October was the month selected as heart of the actions. Pink has been adopted as the color that illustrates the campaign and the intent was to foster the activities throughout the period.

In Brazil, the campaigns started in 2002, and from 2011 on focus was also placed on cervical cancer. The first initiative witnessed over here regarding the date was on October 2nd, 2002, with the lighting of the monument Mausoléu do Soldado Constitucionalista, in São Paulo.

Center Norte and all shop owners support Outubro Rosa. Some stores have invested in special and different communication as a sign of support to the initiative. At Cacau Show, for example, up to October 25th, part of the yogurt truffles sales revenue will be donated to IBCC (Instituto Brasileiro de Controle do Câncer).

Maxior, a jewelery, supports, throughout October, Instituto Gama (Grupo de Apoio à Mama), an NGO that operates to help prevent cancer and other conditions collaborating with the healthcare segment, patients and families. Grand Cru, Intimissimi and Dudalina also display themed decorations in October.

We would like to reinforce the importance of prevention, self-examination and annual checkups for women’s health. In rare cases, breast cancer can also happen in men, that’s why it is also important for them to perform the exam and see a specialist every year. With information and awareness, it is possible to reduce the number of cases all over the country. Share your knowledge about the subject and support this cause.

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