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Tie Dye Nails – Do it yourself

Who hasn’t wished for tie dye nails after seeing them?
The experts at Kiko Milano have shared a tutorial so that you can do that at home and have perfect nails! All the necessary products can be found at their shop at the mall.

1st Step – BASE COAT
Apply a coat of Strengthener Base Coat.
Fortifying base coat for nails with Kukui oil.

2nd Step – COLORING
Apply two coats of white nail polish with gel effect Perfect Gel Nail Lacquer, and let it dry between coats.

3rd Step – TIE DYE
After the color coats, wait for 5 minutes.
Cut a section of a sponge – the type you use to do the dishes, for example – and paint it in 4 shades of choice of extra fast drying nail polisher Smart Nail Lacquer.

Draw the desired effect in the sponge. In case you want a tie dye in lines, draw 4 straight lines in the sponge, each one in a different color.

Slightly apply the sponge to your nails, gently tapping.

Suggestions of colors of Smart Nail Lacquer:

4th Step – TOPCOAT
Put on a layer of the topcoat with gel effect Perfect Gel Top Coat, so your nails will be even shinier.

Finally, apply some Nail Polish Drying Drops.

Incredible, right? Why don’t you try it yourself?

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