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Restaurants at Center Norte reopen with adaptations and new formats

A little more than two months ago, the restaurants and diners were allowed to reopen and to have local consumption by clients, who were also waiting for the moment they could, at least for a while, have that feeling of normal life and have a meal at a different place other than home.

And for those who look for options of restaurants in the North area, since July 6th most of the restaurants at Center Norte have resumed regular operations, with a few changes to follow all safety protocols.

At Outback, the printed menu was replaced by a digital one which can be accessed through a QR Code. Handkerchiefs were replaced by paper napkins and the cutlery, after being washed in high temperatures, now goes through an extra cleaning process with alcohol.

The restaurant has also stopped using the famous pager and now customers get a SMS message to let them know their table is ready. There are also markings on the floor outside of the restaurant to remind people who are on the waiting line to keep at least 2 meters apart. There are alcohol dispensers available and employees wear all necessary personal protection equipment. To check the reopening protocol of the Australia themed restaurant chain, access the video produced by Outback.

America reopened in the same period and also made changes, such as the electronic menu and extra cleaning of the premises. The restaurant chain assures all protocols are being followed so customers can have a safe experience.

TGI Fridays complements the restaurant mix of possibilities in the northern area and their branch at Center Norte is back on operations since last August 28th. The restaurant has reinforced employees’ training, intensified surface and premises cleaning procedures, adopted temperature measurements at each shift change and offers hand sanitizers for employees and customers. The menu is now digital and tables are placed at a safe distance.

With these protocols in place, eating out is a way to get back to some habits and is now safer and more comfortable. If we can resume our routine, may we enjoy it in the most pleasant and safest way possible.

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